Boring fitness: what is tabata workout and why you should definitely try it

tabata workouts

Tabata is a great way to not only put your body in a good shape, but also to diversify your activity and increase your stamina. We asked a professional fitness trainer how to properly work out the Tabata system and what aspects should be considered.

There are many styles of training and fitness areas that you have probably heard about a million times over the years, and some of them have even experienced. All of them have their own advantages, help us develop strength, lose weight, improve flexibility or build muscle, and are designed to help us achieve a dream shape.

One of such popular methods is fat burning workout Tabata, known for its high efficiency in accelerating metabolism (up to 9 times) and losing extra pounds. Let’s find out what tabata system is, how it works and what is the essence of such physical activity.

tabata yoga

What is tabata yoga?

In the classical understanding of tabata, it is a high-intensity training, the goal of which is to perform the maximum number of reps in 4 minutes with several intervals of 20 and 10 seconds. First, 20 seconds of maximum intensive work and 10 seconds of rest, such cycles are repeated 8 times in a row and make up the very same 4 minutes.

Tabata was developed in the 1990s by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata, and a team of researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Fitness and Sports. The essence of the training is quite simple: you perform one exercise for 20 seconds at the limit of your capabilities, and rest for 10 seconds.

The whole complex lasts only 4 minutes, during this time you have time to do 8 rounds, by the end of which you should feel completely exhausted. It has been proven that Tabata burns more calories than cardio workouts. So, for 1 minute of running, you spend about 9 calories, and for a minute of tabata (assuming a training duration of 20 minutes) – 15 calories, so they are considered more effective for burning fat.

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The strategy of the exercise is to alternate periods of short-term intense exercise, similar to aerobic movements, with a less intense recovery period.

What is tabata yoga

How does the tabata work: four minutes timer

As you already understood, this is a kind of interval endurance training, where each of the exercises for a given muscle group has the following structure:

  • 20 seconds of maximum load on a specific muscle group;
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 8 laps of repetition.

That is, at the exit we have 4 minutes of training, ideally working out a certain group of muscles. But it will be one of the “longest” minutes that you have ever experienced. And then, according to the same scheme, we load other parts of the body. In general, the set of the entire workout should be 8 sets of 4 minutes each.

According to the tabata protocol, you can do almost any exercises you wish. For example, squats, push-ups, lunges, swinging legs or any other load that works on large muscle groups. Dumbbell loads are also welcome. Here are the classic options:

  • sprint;
  • rowing on the simulator;
  • jumping rope;
  • swimming;
  • athletic sledding;
  • burpie;
  • boxing jumps;
  • push ups;
  • lunges;
  • squats, air or with dumbbells;
  • climber exercise
  • lifting the case to the press.

How does the tabata work

At the same time, it is important to exercise hard, only in this case exercises for weight loss will bring the desired results. Such a highly effective method of interval training is ideal for those who want to improve heart health, are not afraid of cardiac stress and are hardy enough to withstand these 8 circles of hell.

It is ideal to complete a strength training with a tabata. But just keep in mind that tabata is an intense load, so you should still have strength after workout.

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It is also best to choose exercises that involve many muscles. And leave isolated (when one muscle group is working) and isometric loads (for example, a bar when the body does not move, and the muscles tighten to maintain position) leave for other workouts.

Tabata Workouts

Tabata Workouts: A Little History of the Japanese Exercise

The author of the program is the Japanese physiologist and doctor of sciences Izumi Tabata, who in 1996 conducted research aimed at finding loads to increase the endurance of athletes. The experiment on two groups of experimental subjects lasted about two weeks. The first group – of medium intensity – trained 5 times a week for one hour. A group of high intensity – four times a week for 4 minutes.

After 1.5 months, scientists were very surprised by the results. The first group improved their skills in the process of aerobic exercise, but at the same time their muscles did not change at all. While the second group showed much more effective indicators of the anaerobic system. Tabata protocol was tested in a rigorous scientific environment, and this was one of the most serious evidence of the effectiveness of the training.

Prior to this interesting experiment, the doctor authored over a hundred scientific articles in popular sports publications. That is why the world believed him and tabata became one of the favorite workouts of athletes and amateurs.

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