Scissors exercise – a simple exercise for the abdominal muscles

Scissors exercise

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Such an exercise as scissors is familiar to everyone since school. Despite its simplicity, it very effectively strengthens the abs and forms a beautiful silhouette.

Muscle work: scissor kicks abs

Scissors comprehensively affect the entire rectus abdominis muscle. At the same time, its lower part is perfectly worked out, which usually reacts poorly to the load. Regular exercise will strengthen your abs and make your stomach flatter.

scissor kicks abs

The muscles involved in the exercise.

It should be understood that neither scissors nor other strength exercises can contribute to the burning of excess fat in isolation. If in addition to strengthening abs muscles you want to achieve a weight loss, be sure to combine scissors with the cardio load.

Execution technique of scissor legs

How to make scissors? To get started, take a starting position.

  1. To do this, lie on the floor or a gymnastic rug. Doing exercise on a couch or another soft surface is not recommended, as it can be traumatic.
  2. Lift straight legs, slightly tearing them off the floor (about 10–20 cm). Put your palms on the floor and place them under the buttocks. This will help lift the bottom of the buttocks and relieve excess tension from the back. You should feel how the lumbar area relaxes and snuggles firmly against the floor. Now you can start the exercise.

Start doing leg swings. The left leg should move to the right, and at the same time, the right leg should move to the left. Then the movement is repeated the opposite, simulating the movement of scissors.

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Make sure that your legs remain straight all the time and do not fall to the floor. The socks are stretched forward. It is also important to prevent bending of the knees, as this significantly reduces the efficiency of the exercise.

How to make scissors

The technique of scissors.

Perform two sets of one minute each. The rest between sets should be no more than 30 seconds.

Mistakes in doing scissor kicks

The most difficult moment for beginners is to keep their legs in a raised position throughout the exercise. The difficulty is caused by the fact that abs muscles are not strong enough and can not cope with the load.

If this occurs during the second set, try to increase the rest time or reduce the number of repetitions.

If this problem occurs during the first set, simplify the exercise. Remove your hands from under the buttocks, lift the upper part of the body, and lean on your elbows. Making scissors in this position is much easier. Over time, the abdominal muscles will strengthen, and you will be able to perform the standard version of the exercise.

Scissor legs exercise variations

When you master the scissors, you can go further and try other options for this exercise.

  • Stretch your arms along the floor and raise straight legs 10–15 cm from the floor. As you exhale, lift your left leg, keeping it straight. As you exhale, lower it down. Repeat with the right foot.
  • You can try the so-called static scissors. Just raise your straight legs above the floor and keep this position for a minute.
  • Exercise can be performed with weights. After you can easily do a 2-minute set, put on special 0.5 kg weighting agents. This will give the muscles an extra load and will achieve even more impressive results. The main thing is to ensure that the lower back does not come off the floor.
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For best results, perform scissors 3-4 times a week, not forgetting about other exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. An integrated approach is very effective. After 2 months, you will see that your abs have noticeably tightened.

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    1. Lying on your back on the floor you have to lift legs about 4 to 6 inches off the floor and do scissors as you use scissors in real like lift left leg, then right, left, and repeat. Do15 to 20 reps per leg or for 30 to 45 seconds total you can increase reps when you get used to of it after one week or two.

    1. They both are related to leg movements and are commonly used in swimming where flutter kick is performed during freestyle strokes or backstrokes and scissor kick is used in the sidestroke in swimming.

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